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Assurance services

Although not all family offices require audits, having one cements the trust between themselves and their clients by demonstrating that their accounting records are in order. Outside the scope of traditional audit is our premium assurance offering, which includes guidance on corporate governance, risk analysis, systems and controls assessments, IT assurance and cyber security reviews.

There is no standard service for our clients and we always work with management to design specific procedures and a tailored approach to tackle their key requirements. This provides a tangible way to confidently demonstrate to their clients that their operating systems are sufficiently robust to manage their finances.

It is widely recognised that technology may outstrip firms’ investment in managing cyber risk. Therefore, maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of data with a limited skills base and high technology requirements, remains a challenge.

We can provide cyber security reviews and industry benchmarking, awareness training, incident scenario exercises and chief information security officer outsourcing.