Data solutions

Companies are generating data faster than ever before. As a result, firms are under pressure to understand and gain assurance over the integrity of the data underpinning performance and financial reporting. Expectations on technology and data are increasing, not only from end users but also from the boardroom, audit committees and regulators.
The challenge

By running sophisticated analyses over data sets, our data analysts help to detect anomalies or patterns that simply can’t be spotted through random sampling. Data analysis can help you to add value and lower risk.
 Moore data & analytics can help with:
  • confirming completeness and accuracy of system-generated reports on which other manual controls or substantive evidence rely
  • ensuring in-system calculations are accurate and repeatable
  • ensuring all transactions and system activity is traceable to an authenticated individual
  • identifying breaches of authorisation and threshold controls and
  • verifying effectiveness of segregation of duties