We recognise that our clients are aligning themselves for growth in tough and competitive global markets, and we are often called upon to assist clients in determining their roadmaps for the future.
Our experience shows that strategies (roadmaps) are required when:

  • Shareholders seek to improve returns on their investments
  • Directors wish to maximise market opportunities by growing into new markets and products
  • Directors wish to enhance productivity
  • B-BBEE ratings need to be improved
  • Or a combination of the above
Strategy formulation is not a linear process, and often involves a complex pattern of actions and reactions with focused leadership and accountability, to navigate the many factors affecting the choice of competitive strategy.

We have identified a number of key elements that make up the building blocks of our Strategic Framework, that can be applied to answering the key strategic questions:
  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies (Economics)
  • Visioning and facilitations
  • Business planning
  • Marketing strategies and revenue enhancement
  • Implementation support and programme management
  • Business recovery and expansion services

Our team is ready to have an exploratory conversation to identify the strategic questions that apply to your current state and to your B-BBEE status.