A Moore Trainee’s Take on the New Brand

I recently used the launch of our new corporate branding as an opportunity to hear what the four pillars of Moore mean to our Moore Cape Town team. You can access the video here. It is always so refreshing to hear what resonates with people and to learn about their experiences, what they do and why they do it.
As an avid corporate culture enthusiast and self-acclaimed optimist, I have been reflecting on this new corporate identity and this is the reason I am such a strong believer in Moore’s vision of being a firm that is focused on access, care, community and passion.
I always want to feel a sense of belonging. Some people may think that is a rather ‘millennial’ thing for me to say. However, I think it is more of a ‘human’ thing to say. We are all craving a desire to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, to feel true connection and to be inspired to lead lives that push us into being better individuals and leaders. With the amount of time we spend at work, we are looking for organisations that are creating an environment where this belonging is harnessed and which can be used to grow and impact other individuals, other organisations and society as a whole.
And so, I want to give you my thoughts on why, I believe, the four pillars of Moore are pushing us towards this sense of belonging in an ever-changing world around us:
We are currently living in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) society. Technology is continuously developing and leading to many new efficiencies but also many new changes. Although we have continuous access to information, I believe access is so much greater in our context. My experience at Moore has been one of growth. I have seen this growth in our clients’ businesses where they seek advice from some of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful leaders in our profession. I have seen this growth in the ‘open door policy’ that is provided internally through the approachability of leadership, the time they have to invest in trainees and managers and the encouragement of human connection in all relationships. The world is constantly changing but what remains so prevalent in our world is the ability to adapt. Time is the currency of leadership and I love how Moore leadership is focused on providing expert advice and guidance through dedicated time and access to resources.
When I think of ‘care’ the first word that comes to mind is ‘trust’. I am a strong believer that an environment of care is created through relationships that have been built on trust. I am sure we can all agree, that the accounting profession’s reputation has been tarnished due to the abuse of trust and we can now see the devastating effects of it on people and organisations. In order for us to thrive as people, we need to be building trust and caring for one another. Although the world encourages us to be driven to create a better world for ourselves and to push our personal limits, I feel that it is so much more rewarding to lift as you rise! I am excited that I work for an organisation where one of our key pillars is care, which we show through building trust with our clients, looking after our people and investing in the communities around us.
There is so much truth in the African Proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.” I think a company has the ability to play a similar role to the village in our lives. This is provided through the experience of those around you, their constant encouragement to see you grow and the camaraderie of working together towards an aligned purpose. It is important, as we speak about belonging, to have the right people in your corner. I am so thankful for a firm where the ‘family’ value is so important that it forms one of our core pillars. What inspires me is how we can come together, so unique and different, and work together.
Passion is an overflow of the love for what we do. I often feel that this core pillar is amplified when we are getting the other three right. With access to new opportunities and people, as well as a support system that is wanting to see us succeed and thrive through care and guidance, we will experience a greater passion for what we do. Passion, for me, is much more intense when it is aligned to a joint mission and when we are working towards a better future together.
I have shared some of my thoughts on what Moore’s four pillars mean to me. Do we always get it right? Probably not. However, with these pillars, I truly believe that we are moving towards where we, as a firm, want to be. I am a strong believer that the workplace should be a place of safety and a place to flourish. I am grateful for a firm that is dedicated to seeing me thrive in an ever-changing world.
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