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Shipping tax

Shipping is the most international of businesses, therefore advising on the planning and control of multi-jurisdictional tax matters is a key element of our tax offering.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with tax-related issues which are specific to the shipping industry, and we leverage this knowledge to provide clients with valuable advice. By working closely with you, our commercial approach ensures that your tax issues are fully addressed. As well as tax-compliance services, we provide support on:

Tax exemptions

Tax exemptions apply to income in respect of ships used in international shipping.


We have extensive experience in advising on transactions in the shipping sector, including buying and selling ships, and shipping companies, and flotations.

Withholding taxes

A common issue for shipping companies is withholding tax on interest payments to overseas banks. It may be possible to obtain clearance to make interest payments gross.

Other jurisdictions

Our international network advises on the shipping tax positions of other jurisdictions, such as UK, US, Singapore, Greece, and European tonnage tax regimes.